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HC again rejects Asaram’s bail plea citing COVID-19 scare


The Gujarat high court has for the second time rejected a bail plea of Asaram who is in jail in connection with the rape of a devotee at his Motera Ashram in the year 2013. The court while dismissing the petitions said that the reasons for applying for bail in the current application as well as the one made in March is the same.

The application had stated that the Godman was 84-years-old and was suffering from various ailments. He had sought bail on the grounds that since COVID-19 pandemic was being reported he was afraid of contracting it while in jail where prisoners are often in close contact.

The court, however, for a second time dismissed the petition. A local media reported that the court while dismissing the petition also said that apart from the fact that the reasons given in the current petition and the earlier one in March were same, there was also a fear that if the Godman was let out then his devotees would come to meet him leading to crowding and social distancing going for a toss. This could lead to spread of the disease.