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Rajasthan government has released the guidelines of lockdown 4.0


Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday approved the new guidelines for the state during lockdown 4.0 in the state after meeting with the core group. Late in the evening, the Medical and Health Department released the list of Green, Orange and Red Zone at the cities and panchayat committee level in terms of the guidelines of this state government. Under the Red and Orange zones, the Containment and Buffer zones have been demarcated by the local authorities keeping in mind the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Within the Containment Zone, only necessary activities or tasks will be permitted. Strict control over fixed perimeter or radius will be maintained, and people will not be allowed to move here except to maintain medical emergencies and supply of essential goods and services.

Issued by the Rajasthan government’s home department new guidelines are divided into five major sections. The first class went briefed the sanctions. It has been told that till May 31, the system of red, orange and green zones will remain in force without distinction. Section 144 will remain in force and there will be a ban on the gathering of 5 people in public places.

Urban and Panchayat Samiti Area

All major cities in 33 district and panchayat committees Red, Orange and is divided into Green Zone